TPM3 - Transnational Project Meeting 3 in Romania - moved online!
We are preparing Country Reports on the State of English Teaching in Higher Education
TPM1 - Kick-off project meeting moved online!

Due to overall pandemic situation we decided to move our first project meeting online.

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    • IO1 – the National Reports

    • We are proud to present you the first Intelectual Output - The National Reports on English in Higher Education in the Partner Countries and the sythetisis of the national reports! Enjoy!
    • Transnational Project Meeting 2 – September edition.

    • We will meet in September to: continue our works on the Country Reports (wait for the full report - straight from the press... or... rather .pdf printer:)) brainstorm on the shape of IO2 - the TE-Con3 model (check what it is here) finally meet our partners! We will inform you on new developments asap.
    • Transnational Project Meeting 2 – Survey Reports

    • We are happy to inform you, that our International Team is working on a survey on the needs and perspectives of university language teachers in Estonia, Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Romania. We are happy to present some preliminary findings on that issue, which we discussed during the TPM2 in May. Here are some presentations on…
    • Transnational Project Meeting 2 – Country Reports

    • During the Transnational Project Meeting in May, we discussed the state do language education in the partner countries. Here are some presentations on the work in progress on the Country Reports. TPM2 (EHE Report)